Shallow graves for all dead rats, I like the dark clouds the best.
Shallow graves for all dead rats, I like the dark clouds the best.
Shallow graves for all dead rats, I like the dark clouds the best.


This is mostly a self-reference page for companies, organizations, and other entities I do my best not to interact with because of operations or behaviors that go against my personal moral standing, and the reasons why they do so. Any additional sources are always appreciated! I'm a big corp hater at heart.

This will be updated as I have time to do research/come across sources for things. I am an infinite hater so never asssume this list is complete. Planning to add: Amazon, Disney, Goodwill, Autism Speaks, Google, Taylor Swift, McDonald's, and definitely more.


The Salvation Army

  • Requested for their services to be excluded from USA government anti-discrimination laws (specifically homosexuality) (request denied). [Source]
  • Petitioned against the legalization of homosexuality in New Zealand. [Source]
  • Leaked memo sent to officers across the nation (USA) opposing marriage equality and discussing discrimination in their hiring policy. Also states that ministers cannot officiate same-sex weddings or attend them in uniform, with termination as punishment. [Source]
  • Their website listed multiple conversion therapy organizations as resources. Second source also mentions an employee who was fired for her sexual orientation. [Source] [Source]
  • Jennifer Gale, USMC veteran and homeless transgender woman, died on the steps of a church in Austin, TX, after being denied shelter by the Salvation Army. The condition for her to stay at the SA would have been for her to be housed with the men, including showering and sleeping, and for her to be referred to by her deadname and male pronouns (essentially ignoring her identity). Third + fourth sources are a report from another transgender woman (still alive) who says she was denied housing based on her lack of sexual reassignment surgery. [Source] [Source] [Source] [Source]
  • Proselytising during goverment-funded social services, preventing social workers from providing reproductive health care (notably abortion counseling and distribution of condoms to AIDS positive individuals), and having nine-year-old foster children participate in a "confirmation-like" ritual including bibles and prayers. [Source]
  • Most bellringers are homeless or low-income people themselves. Some are paid, though I had a hard time finding a wage report. The one I did find says $13/hr. This isn't necessarily bad itself, but I do think it's interesting how many people love the SA but will hate on non-SA homeless folks panhandling. Same situation, plus or minus the red bucket and bell. [Source] [Source] [Source]
  • Properties owned and rented out by the Salvation Army were reported to have substantial health hazards, such as noncompliance to fire regulations, pest infestations, and mold in bedrooms. One resident said a hole in the roof had still not been fixed after reporting it to a SA agent six years prior to the investigation. [Source] [Source]
  • One lawsuit claims that the Salvation Army subjected vulnerable pregnant women to physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse while in their maternity homes, and that they were coerced into putting their newborns up for adoption. The Salvation Army responded in turn by filing a lawsuit against local Child and Family Services agencies for their responisibility in the claims. [Source] [Source]


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  • Twenty One Pilots: Made a joke about platform shoes when asked to use their platform to speak up about racism/police brutaility with the rise of the BLM movement in 2020. [Source]
  • L.S.Dunes: Used and defended their use of AI/generative 'art' (using stolen/uncredited art for their database) in music video for "Old Wounds". [Source]
  • Trapt: Holy fuck have you even seen their wiki with Shinigami Eyes on? That shit is lit up red like a stop sign near a crash risk zone. Y'all talk a lot of shit for a one-hit wonder, goddamn. I'm literally just linking their Wiki page. [Source]